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We will be happy to offer a shuttle drop-off at designated put-in points along the Wolf River Fri-Mon 10am to 1pm

How the Shuttle Works:

1. You stop at Bear Paw to let us know you are beginning the shuttle process.

2. You take your gear and equipment to the planned put in and leave it there.

3. You go to the planned take out point where a Bear Paw staff member will meet you.

4. Leaving your vehicle at the take out, our staff member will drive you to your put in location. 



Post Lake to Pearson is a 10 mile stretch of primarily flatwater paddling.  You'll see eagles, waterfowl, and maybe even some bear lodges as well as plenty of other wildlife.  This shuttle is the furthest from us that we are able to offer.  The cost for this shuttle is $60 for a dropoff.

Pearson to Lily is a 12.5 mile quietwater paddle with three sets of small rapids and riffles.  This is a great stretch for the outdoor enthusiast looking to get out and paddle.  The cost for this shuttle is $45 for a dropoff.

Lily to Hollister is a 6.5 mile stretch with many Class 1 rapids.  This is a great paddle for beginner and novice paddlers alike.  The cost for this shuttle is $35 for a dropoff.

Hollister to Langlade is an 8.5 mile trip with several Class 1 and Class 2 rapids.  This is the perfect paddle for people looking to refine their skills and really focus on techniques.  The cost for this shuttle is $25 for a dropoff.

Irrigation Ditch to Langlade is a short 2.7 mile paddle that hits the larger rapids in the section.  The three different sets of rapids are all solid Class 2's.  The cost for this shuttle is $20 for a dropoff.

Langlade to Wild Wolf Inn is a 10.5 mile paddle that starts out very slow and flat.  This full day trip ends with a bang as you paddle through Hanson's Rapids and Gilmore's Mistake towards the end.  This shuttle is $20 for a dropoff.

Herb's Landing to Crab'n Jacks (formerly Wild Wolf Inn) is a 5 mile paddle that skips the slow part that you would paddle from Langlade to Crab'n Jacks.  This is the recommended stretch for experienced paddlers that want to experience a fun fast paced adventure.  Don't forget to thank the staff at the restaurant at the end of your trip for the take out point.  This shuttle is $20 for a dropoff.

***Bear Paw Staff reserves the right to refuse a shuttle for any reason.  This is often for the safety of the participants.

***48 hour notice is required to reserve a shuttle spot.  If there is no 48 hour notice, we cannot guaranty your shuttle.




 Due to lack of reliable internet, if no response is received within 72 hours, please send another email.

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Here at Bear Paw, we pride ourselves in outstanding customer service in a family atmosphere.  Everyone on staff is passionate about the outdoors and each of them has a unique experience to share.  Be sure to ask them when you come visit!

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